Photography has been a great interest of mine from an early age. Creating and manipulating images with light and shade is what drives me. In the past, I shot 35mm slide film and it was always my goal to get the optimum picture from the cameras I used.

In 1998 digital changed the way I worked with images forever. At last I was not held back by the 36 images I was accustomed to. Digital allows me to go on and on snapping away. My first digital camera was no better than a mobile phone camera and cost a small fortune. In 2000 I got my first digital SLR. Although it was very poor by today’s standards, it had the control of the camera I used back in my film days.

I currently use a Canon EOS digital SLR and I have never looked back.

Today I shoot for fun and for profit. Some of my work can be found for sale via alamy stock or by direct commission, some examples are below.

You can also see a sampler gallery here: Wedding sampler gallery here:

Please email for quote, below are some guide prices and is within the GTA area.

Event Photography from $150 for the first hour, additional time billed at $65 per hour

Portrait work from $90 for the first hour, additional time billed at $50 per hour

Weddings from $900 for a 2-4 hour session, $1200 for a 4-6 hour session, full day rate $1900

Web Gallery $ 50

Hard Back Book (wedding and portraits only) $ 100

Prices include high res JPG files and all post production editing.

Stock photography by Ray+Allen at Alamy